Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hand made Mortising Hammer

A few years ago I inherited a box of old tools that had been my Grandfather's when he was alive.  These have a lot of sentimental value for me since as a child, I would pore of his tools and spend time with him in his garden. One of the tools, a handmade jointers mash, had a rotted handle.  I made a new one being careful to preserve the texture of the forged sides of the head. This has replaced all of my other hammers and mallets for driving all my chisels.  It's super comfortable holding just the head or gripping it by the handle for a bigger whack on my japanese mortise chisels.  I've inserted a leather pad between the handled and the base of the head and it makes a remarkable difference in impact transfer to the hand.

Hand made Mortising Hammer

Hand made mortising hammer

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